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[EN] Mirror Installation

Install the Mirror plugin in your Miro team in seconds.


Install the Mirror plugin in a team you are member of on the Miro platform.


  • Be a team owner or a member of the team on which you want to install Mirror with App installation rights.
  • Have a Mirror account to access the download link:


On the plugin Mirror page, click on the button corresponding to the version you want to install.

Be sure to install only one of these versions in the same team. Compatibility problems may occur.

You are redirected to Miro for team selection and authorization:

Choosing the Miro team and authorizing the plugin

Choose the team from the drop-down menu and press Add & allow.

You will finally be redirected to your Miro team. The plugin is installed!


To check if the plugin is installed, go to your Miro profile, section Apps & Integrations. Mirror should appear in the list.

Verification of the installation of Mirror in a Miro team


If you want to uninstall a version of Mirror, go to your Miro profile, Apps & Integrations section. Click on the plugin name to access its information.

On the new page, choose Uninstall for team to remove the plugin from your team.

Uninstall mirror from a Miro team