A multi-purpose tool for role-playing!


Mirror is born from a desire to share features that make our online role-playing games easier...

…and to discover and gather a friendly community.

The adventure began on the Miro platform, proposing to integrate our own plugins into their real-time collaborative whiteboard tool.

It is with a simple dice roller, called Dice Master, that the first plugin is born. Different tools followed, generating game boards as for Sonja and Conan against the Ninjas by Guillaume Jentey, a random draw system…

Before putting it all together in one plugin MIRROR.

But MIRROR is not just a Miro plugin! Bots for Discord are developed to manage your character sheets and campaign elements for some games.

The ultimate purpose of all these tools is to be able to link them to export / import your character sheets and campaign elements between different platforms such as Discord, Miro, Foundry VTT