Miro WebPlugin


[EN] Miro WebPlugin

The Miro Webplugin can be added to your toolbar to access various tools dedicated to online role-playing, such as a dice roller with options, a random draw feature or a layer manager for your scenes.

Enjoy the new features before anyone else by supporting MIRROR. If you are a contributor and if your account is activated you can install the Beta version of MIRROR :

Dice Roller

A quick dice roller with modifiers ranging from -3 to +3. A side panel allowing you to roll up to 8 different sets of dice with options, such as explosive dice, keep higher or lower dice, difficulty ratings…

Dice Roller

A log of all dice rolls with details.

Dice rolls log

Random Draw

A quick and easy random draw system, with stickers or images.

Random draw with stickers

Many options are available, such as changing the frequency of drawing an entry, making the result appear hidden, customising the draw button by replacing it with an image, or the possibility of drawing multiple elements simultaneously…

Layer Manager

A layer manager, allowing you to quickly move elements through multiple levels. The different display levels are not limited unlike the basic features, allowing only forward or backward sending.

The MJ Layer is used as a marker to send all layers after this layer, below it.

Layer manager


Tools to go further with your boards, such as creating checkboxes.

Checkboxes tool