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Our journey through space will take you through the maze of online roleplaying with accessible tools and community activities!

Our loyal Commander LAFLYS is developing the MIRROR plugin for the MIRO application as well as Discord bots to enhance our gaming experience and give us the tools we need to roleplay.


2023-02-15 // Boards Catalog
Two automated boards have been added to the catalog :
  • [Template STABLE] Sonja & Conan contre les Ninjas (VF only)
  • [Template BETA] Sonja & Conan contre les Ninjas (VF only)
2023-02-15 // Plugin Stable
🙅 X Card on Board Allows you to assign to an element of the board, the functionality of the X card as it works with the button of the panel below. The interest is to have a clickable object within reach where you want to access it as quickly as possible.
🎲 Dés macro : Feature that should be in beta, but I activated it on the stable for the needs of a community board. Its current use is not simplified to be accessible to all, but it will come. Also, I will soon provide a mini doc on macros for those who want to use it as is. Select a Sticker or Shape and write a macro inside (Ex: 2d6) before assigning it the Dice Macro type. Feature: When you click on this sticker or shape, the macro will automatically run and display the total result inside.
2023-02-15 // Website
Association of your Miro teams in your personal space. Will be used to create and manage your games as well as some features related to the Mirror API.

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